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Dunning Acupuncture and Massage
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Glossary of Terms

Acupuncture Points - The specific areas along the pathway of the meridian channels. These points are stimulated in several different ways. Yoga postures, movements, visualizations, acupuncture needles, acupressure-massage, warming with herbs, among other methods can alter the polarity within the meridian and its corresponding organ.

Eight Pillars of Traditional Medicine - Breathing, Nutrition, Exercise, Body manipulation/massage, Acupuncture, Herbology, Astrological implications, Feng Shui (environmental adjustments) each are seen as major

Meridians - Also called Channels or vessels. Correspond to energetic influences of the body

Moxibustion - Dried Artemesia (Mugwort) that is burned and held near the skin to warm and stimulate acupuncture points and channels.

Qi - In the context of health, Qi is our energy-vitality. Qi keeps us warm, energetic, digesting, metabolizing, repairing, protecting and growing; "When Qi assembles, there is life, and when Qi is dispersed there is death." (Chuang Zi.) Food and air combine and are processed through digestion and respiration to produce Qi and vitalize us. Qi can be stored/ cultivated, just as it can be wasted depending on the congruence of lifestyle and our unique body type.

Qi Gong - "Energy Work or Energy Cultivation." Techniques used to strengthen and circulate the Qi. Such exercises are often done in repetition to clear various forms of Qi stagnation allowing energy to circulate without friction and allowing energy to be better assimilated from food and air. Taoist Yoga is a form of Qi Gong. Qi Gong is also commonly seen written in the earlier Romanization as "Ch'I Kung."

Taoists - Here referring to a practitioner the art-science-health disciplines founded by years of observation, practice and cultivation. Taoism is historically divided into two overall groupings. The first, as just stated, is one of philosophy into the overall flow and cycling of the natural principles. The Taoist Yoga demonstrated in this video reflects this approach. The second grouping, arising later in Chinese history is that of religious Taoism. This branch of Taoism has religious ritual and implications.

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizing the Eight Pillars of Treatment.. see eight pillars

Yin - receptive principle, yielding, softness, water, winter, night, coldness, downward, settling, stillness, nurturing, feminine, mother.

Yang - active principle, movement, rigidity, warmth, summer, day, expansive, outward, invigorating, masculine, father.

Dunning Acupuncture and Massage
Joel E. Dunning, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Herb.
Master Degree of Acupuncture
1020 S. 78 Street (NW Corner of 78th & Pacific)
Omaha, NE 68154
(402) 650-7715 l